About ReshareGroups

ReshareGroups let organizations borrow the social media voices of their well-wishers.

ReshareGroups allow well-wishers to sign up as promoters and lend worthy causes their social media voices.

From the point of view of an advertiser, ReshareGroups are a very inexpensive digital advertising mechanism.

From the point of view of a well-wisher, the experience of using ReshareGroups feels just like signing up for a newsletter.

Well-wishers get email messages from ReshareGroups that look like newsletters.

The difference between a newsletter and ReshareGroups is that whereas a newsletter asks a well-wisher to read some content, a ReshareGroups message asks a user to share the content.

And that makes all the difference.

A well-wisher can accept the request directly from her or his email inbox.

When (s)he accepts a request, ReshareGroups automatically posts the message in their social media accounts.

ReshareGroups is free to use.

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