Aiaioo Labs

We are a research lab working on machine learning and natural language processing and their applications to digital marketing.

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We write articles about interactive marketing, content marketing and advocacy marketing. Selasdia is a product for B2B digital marketing and sales.

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We write articles on advocacy marketing, content marketing and other forms of digital marketing both for B2C and B2B use.

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99tests - Crowd Testing

Crowd Testing

Learn about how Crowd Testing works and join projects

Neev Technologies and Mobility

Interesting updates on Mobile Technologies

Visual Thinking

We now live in a world of visual-information. Visual-Thinking is a critical thinking ability that helps you solve problems in creative and unique ways. We post articles on visual-thinking, the visual-arts and culture.

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Customer Acquisition Strategies

At we post articles about customer acquisition strategies, growth hacking, and more.

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We post articles, news and updates on childhood creativity and parental learning.

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Vedic Mathematics

VedMath offers online training on Vedic Maths and classroom training on Vedic Mathematics via franchisees in Bangalore and Mumbai.

We will share many techniques of using Vedic Maths for improving your calculation speeds. This group will also let you know about our upcoming webinars. VedMath is useful for students participating in maths olympiads, GRE, GMAT, CAT, competitive exams. It is also useful for verifying answers in school exams.

GuideTrip - guided tours with local tourist guides

At GuideTrip, we connect travellers with tour guides at an online level. We provide you with best guided tours in India and in 43 other countries. We have the most amazing tourist guides in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur among other locations who will show you the best places to visit. You can choose one of the existing tours or completely customize the tour to suit your needs. Our website can be found at

We have over 700 unique and authentic travel experiences to offer you.